Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Hours After Her Second Apology, Michael Costello Calls Out Chrissy Teigen for Driving Him to the Brink of Suicide

It looks like Chrissy Teigen isn’t going to catch any break as Michael Costello just detailed his own bullying experience from her.

Hours after she issued her second apology for bullying Courtney stodden ten years ago and admitting that she was a troll, the fashion designer took to his Instagram page to share how the mother of two bullied him and almost ruined his career.

Michael Costello noted that Teigen started her vendetta against him in 2014 after a photoshopped comment by a former employee made it look like he used the ‘n’ word.

He noted that the model and cookbook author left comments on his page which further fuelled the cyber attack he had to endure.

Michael Costello noted that he was not only bullied by Chrissy and others online, he was also blacklisted offline as Teigen alongside one of Hollywood’s most powerful stylists, Monica Rose, promised to ruin his career and made good their threats.

He alleged that they threatened brands and people who wanted to work with him and almost destroyed the business he had spent his life building.

Costello said he still lives in fear and is yet to heal from that trauma and feels the only way to move on from it is to speak his truth.

He further revealed that despite reaching out to Teigen to let her know the comment was fake and has since been deleted by Instagram after it was found to be so, she didn’t stop the witch hunting and as recently as last week, he sent letters to his family talking suicide which has made them keep a close watch on him since then.

Read his account of events below.

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