Thursday, December 2, 2021

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High School Student Calls David Chappelle a “Bigot” During a School Visit

Dave Chappelle had a chaotic surprise appearance at his high school alma mater in Washington, D.C., where high school students had a lot to say to him.

Recall that his “The Closer” comedy stirred heated conversation on social media because of his agreement with gender critics who continue to disagree with trans ideology.

And so, according to Politico Playbook, the comedian performed for students and teachers of the Duke Ellington School for the Arts, where he received his diploma more than 30 years ago. After the performance, Chappelle conducted a Q&A session with the 600-person crowd, and was immediately slammed for his controversial jokes about the trans community. 

One 16-year-old student reportedly called him a “bigot” who had handled criticism “like a child.” To which the comedian responded: “My friend, with all due respect, I don’t believe you could make one of the decisions I have to make on a given day.”

Another student said his “comedy kills,” and Chappelle allegedly fired back with, “N***as are killed every day,” before asking, “The media’s not here, right?”

Addressing this later, a spokesperson for the school told the press that some of the students were supportive of Chappelle, but felt as though they weren’t given the opportunity to express their views.

“During the conversation with students and staff, Chappelle specifically invited the voices of discontent to ask questions, however as a result, the supporters of Chappelle became the silent majority,” Savannah Overton said. “Our principal was approached by several students after the assembly who were disappointed that they were not able to voice their support for Chappelle in this forum.”

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