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‘He’s committing a heinous crime’ – Runsewe defends call for Bobrisky’s arrest

The Director-General of the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), Otunba Segun Runsewe has doubled down on his call for the arrest of popular crossdresser, Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, better known as Bobrisky for committing a “heinous crime.”

Runsewe – a fierce critic of Bobrisky – was in the news recently when he again called for the crossdresser’s arrest following the arrest of another known as Shakiro by the Cameroonian government over the promotion of homosexuality.

The NCAC boss had called on the Nigerian government to replicate a similar move in Nigeria to serve as a deterrent to others nursing such an ambition.

Speaking in an interview with SaharaReporters on Monday, his aide, Frank Meke, said Runsewe is only trying to protect the Nigerian culture by calling attention to the ‘heinous crime’ Bobrisky is committing.

He said: “It is not a personal issue. Bobrisky has flawed the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I’m sure you must have done your research that such behaviours and characters are not accepted and I’m sure you heard of what happened in Cameroon too where such a person with such characters was arrested and taken to court.

“Otunba Runsewe is only calling on the attention of the police that, ‘look at this kind of character, someone is influencing young people wrongly’ so they should do the needful. It has nothing to do with Otunba Runsewe as a person but because he is in charge of culture, it is ideal to draw the attention of Nigerians, that we ought to be careful.

“This matter is a constitutional, legal issue and Otunba Runsewe as a public officer has done what he ought to do, by calling on the police to arrest Bobrisky. Otunba Runsewe cannot say he wants to go and arrest Bobrisky. He is not a policeman neither is he in charge of the Nigerian police.

“All of us are involved in this issue, the media, our department, the Federal Government, the Nigeria Police, the religious bodies, everyone. We need to save our young ones, protect our young ones, it is not just only for Otunba Runsewe as the head of culture, it is also up to you as a journalist to do research and come up with a report and say ‘look, this man is saying the truth’, though Otunba Runsewe does not have the power of arrest.

“There is no doubt that the devil has a way through human beings to deceive other people. It’s like what is happening with the issue of drugs now since Buba Marwa came, you’ll find out that he has been fighting this issue of drugs. Look at the banditry up north, some of these bandits use the drug so they can commit crimes. I read in the papers over the weekend that a handicapped drug peddler goes all the way from Anambra to Nasarawa to supply cocaine to bandits, it’s all part of the rot in the society.

“Young people want to take drugs, dress like these transgenders, and of course, social media is a millennial platform, you expect that they keep seeing them there. It is just a collapse of the morality system in the country. Otunba Runsewe is simply calling the attention of everyone in Nigeria to see that what this man is doing is wrong, warning parents, teachers to sit up and warn their children to avoid such media characters.”

Meke said Runsewe is after safeguarding the country’s culture, adding that from dressing like Bobrisky, young ones will be tempted to join prostitution, banditry and other forms of criminality.

“Runsewe is only fighting for this country and if we allow our culture to die, what is culture? The way we dress, think, the way we associate with our neighbours. Once all these foreign influences damage these things, we will see each other on the road and just walk away. In Europe, they don’t behave as we do.

“Here in Africa, we are concerned about our neighbours. If we see a child that is not behaving properly, we either report to the parents or we discipline them, that is why the Yorubas say Ajoke, ‘Ajoke’ means we train a child together. But, when everyone says it’s not my business, those same children will waylay you on the road, rape you, harass you and do all sort of things. Some people will say we should let it be. A major question I ask is, will any decent parent allow their children to be a Bobrisky?”


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