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Genealogists Claims that Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox Are Distant Cousins

Fans can’t wait for the much-anticipated Friends: The Reunion which is  set to premiere May 27 on HBO Max, and now a group of genealogy experts at the ancestry site MyHeritage, have claimed the stars Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox are distant cousins.

According to CNN, two actors share distant relatives named William Osbern Haskell III and Ellen Haskell, who were married 500 years ago.

“We went into this line very deeply, we checked every name. We found a lot of records that support it, and we have confidence that they are related,” Roi Mandel, the head of research at MyHeritage, told CNN. “This is not such a surprise. It makes sense that when you go so many generations back, the chances of people being connected are higher.”

Recall that during Friends’ 10-season run, Perry and Cox famously portrayed one of the most beloved couples in TV history. Their characters, Chandler Bing and Monica Geller, married in season seven and became parents in the show’s 2004 series finale.

Well, with this drama thrown into the mix, fans can’t wait to see how this will twist things in the much-awaited reunion.

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