Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Freddie Leonard Knocks Troll who Questioned Him About Having an Opinion on Marriage

Freddie Leonard was quick to gather a fan all the way together after the latter questioned him for having an opinion on marital issues.

The actor who had reposted a message about a man’s family (husband, wife and children) being his first priority and a caption in the same vein, had been attacked by the fan who asked how he would know this given he isn’t married yet.

Well Freddie Leonard didn’t take it lying low and went in hard on the troll in the comment section of the post, pointing out that both post and caption were reposted from a married person’s page and a marriage certificate wasn’t the only qualifying factor to speak on marital issues.

He also made sure to point out the idiocy of the troll’s line of reasoning in his reply to him.

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