Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Fitness Coach, Bunmi George Shares Condition of Marriage Given to Her Staff

Bunmi George is surprised at some of the things people have to deal with in the name of wanting to get married and rightly so.

The fitness coach, influencer and Shredder Gang boss shared an experience one of her staff members had with a guy she was talking to.

Bunmi George revelaed that this staff member was talking to a man planning to relocate to Canada. The man in question told her he liked her and another woman and would put them to the ultimate test if IELTS to choose who of the two he would marry.

“This is wild.  So own of my staff members said this guy she was talking to, told her he was moving to Canada. He liked 2 women. She and another. He now said that they should both write IELTS, he will date and marry the one with the higher score,” she narrated.

Guess IELTS has become a requirement for people looking to get married.

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