Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Eucharia Annuobi Blasts Current Trend of Soliciting Money on Social Media, Calls it Evil

Eucharia Annuobi is not a fan of the current trend of putting up your account number and requesting funds on social media.

The actress and evangelist took to her Instagram page to blast the trend, calling it evil.

Quoting a famous text in the Bible, Eucharia stated that though money itself isn’t evil, the love of it is and this current trend if doing anything, shamelessly and negatively to get it is evil as well.

“The love of money is said to be evil. Money itself is not evil. Rather what is evil is doing anything shamelessly and negatively to get money. (You are following a trend soliciting for money when that money is not to help the helpless: gross!!)  1 Timothy 6:10,” she wrote.

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