Saturday, November 27, 2021

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Erita Ese Releases Lengthy Statement to Address Age-shaming

Erita Ese doesn’t need you to believe her age when she says it, she just doesn’t want to be bothered by your opinion of it.

The former Big Brother Naija housemate released a lengthy statement via her Instagram page to address the age-shaming she has suffered from Nigerians.

Erita Ese admitted that she has always looked older than she really is. She disclosed that way back when she was still in secondary school, folks would mistake her for a university student and this used to bother her a lot

On gaining admission to the university, she didn’t fare better as folks concluded that she was an extra-year student while only in 200 level.

She recalled her experience at the audition for Gulder Ultimate Search where the tape of her introducing herself was played and people believed she was lying when she stated she was 21. Her older sister in the room tried to correct this but no one believed her.

On entering the Big Apple house at 24, the same thing persisted. It got to a point that she had to post her birth certificate and international passport online to set the records straight but people still chose to run wild with their conclusion.

Erita Ese is 28 now and nothing has changed. However, she is no longer bothered by other people’s assumption of her age but doesn’t want of that BS near her.

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