Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Erica Nlewedim Gets Into a Fight With Twitter Folks

Erica Nlewedim got into a fight again with folks on Twitter who have a problem with her tweets.

Drama started after the actress asked why Twitter folks are always angry. “Why are people on Twitter so angry? Why are you kind on Instagram and mean here?” she said, adding, “Especially about just normal conversations that should never become a big deal? Mostly same people but different personalities according to the apps.”

And when a Twitter user called out her attention-seeking tendencies, she replied: “If only you were smart you would know that people are entitled to their opinions and can appreciate as many people as they like. This is my page, you don’t have to see it. Simply tweeting like everyone else is not attention seeking, I have clout already, loads of it! Run along!”

See the tweets:

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