Monday, November 29, 2021

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Erica Mena Accuses Safaree Samuels of Causing Pregnancy Complications, Wants to Decide His Presence at Baby’s Birth

The drama between estranged couple, Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels is unending as she has responded to his court filing again.

Recall that last week, the singer and reality tv star had asked a judge to mandate his presence at the birth of his second child who is due in July, citing it was the only way his estranged wife would allow him there.

Erica has responded to this by filing her own documents with the court. In them, she accused Safaree of causing her stress which has resulted into some complications during her pregnancy.

TMZ reports that Erica feels like the drama her ex is causing in their divorce is at least part of the reason she’s landed in the hospital recently..

The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star alleged her estranged husband Safaree has “failed to be involved in her care or to visit her at the hospital during her most recent stay, where she remained overnight for many days related to her pregnancy.”⠀⠀

In the documents, Erica also reportedly claims Safaree’s latest quest for shared custody of their children is only being done “in hopes of obtaining ‘good publicity’ and painting [Erica] as the instigator, while in actuality, [Erica’s] the only parent ensuring the parties’ children’s safety and acting in their best interest.”  She wants Safaree to worry more about her and their unborn child’s health instead of trying to paint himself as a devoted father in legal docs.⠀

The expectant mother says that decision for Safaree to be present or away when she gives birth should only be made by herself and her doctor.

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