Monday, May 16, 2022

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Cubana Chief Priest Gifts Wife Mercedes Benz Ahead of Birthday

Cubana Chief Priest came through with a wonder on wheels to surprise hia wife for her upcoming birthday.

The celebrity barman christened Pascal Okechukwu posted a clip of himself in the brand new black G-Wagon on his Instagram page, revealing that he had asked his Mrs what she wanted for her birthday and she had replied a Benz.

He shared photos of the whip with the caption,

“Asked my woman what she wants for her birthday, she said ‘Get me a Benz.’ It’s few days to her birthday🎂.

“Congrats🎈Baby. It’s a f**king G-Class of the 63’s. Above all, it’s a freaky AMG, now you can roar like a lioness🦁 that you are. I hope she likes it because e no easy to impress rich aunty.”

See more photos of the car below.

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