Friday, December 3, 2021

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Code Hub Africa Tech Boss, Chizom, Apologises for Harassing Women Applicant but Says He Never Asked for Sex

Chizom has taken to his Twitter to apologize after women called him out for sexually harassing them after they applied to learn coding from him.

In case you miss how it all started: weeks ago, he shared that he was interested in training Nigerians who want to join the tech industry. Each session would cost N15, 000 and he needed people to contribute to this venture. Don Jazzy gave him N1.5 million for the project. It wasn’t long before another Nigerian added N1.5 million to the fund.

Many Nigerians celebrated this news, but Chizom has now been outed as a predator who reportedly uses his influence to coax women into having relationships with him. You can read all about it here.

Now, he has apologized, but insist he never asked to have sex with any of the women who called him out.

He wrote: “I am broken at the events I have caused. This hurts me that I have hurt a lot of people and my sponsors. Twitter has helped me grow, learn, be impacted and help to contribute to others. I am deeply sorry because this hurts me that I messed up as a Husband, friend, creator and leader. I deeply regret my actions and take full responsibility of these actions. I learn everyday and make mistakes. I will do better. I promise. Forgive me. I have never asked for sex in exchange of my tech service. That information is false.”

See his tweets:

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