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Chrissy Teigen Explains Having Sex With John Legend In a DNC Bathroom

Chrissy Teigen says the wildest things, one which was that she and John Legend once had sex in a restroom at the Democratic National Convention.

She had spoken about this at the Grammy’s, though she referred to it as “that Obama thing” at the time. Now, she has added more details to the story during a chat with James Corden.

Asked about the weirdest place she and Legend have ever had sex during his “Spill Your Guts” segment on The Late Late Show.

“One time at the Grammy’s, I said that we had sex at that Obama thing, and that came out wrong,” she told Corden around the four-minute mark. “Because what I actually meant was it was that Obama thing but it wasn’t like with them or near them. I believe it was the DNC actually … It was in the bathroom. It was a while ago.”

TMZ claims that the incident happened in 2008, when Legend performed at that year’s DNC event, just before Barack Obama was elected as president. Teigen was Legend’s girlfriend at the time, with the pair later marrying in 2013.

Watch the Corden video below:

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