Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Cardi B Makes Tutorial Video for Kashdoll on How to Change Diapers With Long Nails

Cardi B came through with a whole tutorial video to help Kashdoll out after the latter reached out to her.

The new mum had posed a question at the ‘Bodak Yellow’ crooner on Twitter, requesting help with changing her baby’s diapers as she has been struggling.

Kashdoll asked Cardi B how she manages to do this with her extra long signature nails. She noted that she only has press-on nails on  but is finding it quite difficult.

Cardi B replied her colleague with a video tutorial to show her how it’s done. She used a stuffed teddy bear for her illustration and assured Kashdoll that she would get the hang of it in a matter of time. The mother of two however pointed out that baby boys are harder to clean and change because they have more crevices.

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