Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Bovi Ugboma Shares Insight on Mind, Body and Trauma

Bovi Ugboma went went down a very serious path on Monday as he spoke on the mind, body and trauma.

The funny man and actor wrote a very lengthy thread on Instagram where he delved into the behaviour of human beings and faulted trauma for being responsible for all actions and reactions.

Bovi noted that the mind of a human is like a sponge; absorbing everything around it but while sponges can easily let go, the mind doesn’t have that ability.

He stated that the sum of the actions or reactions of people in any given situation depends on their experiences: A person who gives love was raised on love while a person who gives hate was raised on same.

Bovi advised that nothing ever done to you is personal hence, it shouldn’t be taken personally as folks just act out their default “programming” on others.

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