Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Bobrisky Shares Real Reason She Can’t Date a Broke Man

Bobrisky has said it time and time again that she can never be with a broke man and has admitted the real reason why.

The popular crossdresser who shares the most minute details about her life on social media, revealed that her lifestyle is so expensive that it cannot be funded by a regular person, hence the need to date rich.

Bobrisky shared a screen shot of an expense she currently incurred that will cost almost half a million to sort.

Her Range Rover needs to serviced and the brake pads changed and the cost to do that comes to #489,000. The social media influencer admitted that this feat is only for big girls, adding that she would instruct her account manager to transfer the necessary fund.

Laying all of these on the table, Bobrisky hooes tk have convinced folks and not confuse them as to why she cannot date a broke man.

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