Monday, November 29, 2021

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Bimbo Ademoye’s Dad Goes Savage on Her While She’s Recording

We love a great father-daughter bond and Bimbo Ademoye shares that with her handsome dad.

The actress shared a funny clip of when her dad went full savage on her whole she was recording their interaction and it’s the best thing on the internet.

To celebrate Father’s Day, Bimbo asked her dad what his favourite moment being her dad was.

Expecting that he would say something sweet, she was all smiles in readiness but her father made a detour and rather ‘cast’ her.

He revealed that his favourite moment was when she returned back from school with her results…and everything was zero. A shocked Ademoye replied, “What?” like she couldn’t believe it.

Mr Adekunle Ademoye went on to reiterate what he said earlier before his daughter quickly cut in, letting him know she was recording and quickly ended the recording.

She captioned the hilarious clip with a sweet Father’s Day message to her ‘best friend and one true love’


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