Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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#BBNaija: Big Brother Returns Pere and Angel to the House After Controversial “Twist”

So, Pere and Angel are back in the Big Brother Naija house and have joined the Top 6.

Recall that Big Brother introduced a shocking twist to the game that denied Pere Egbi an immediate shot to top 5 despite raking in the second-highest votes on Sunday night. Angel, who garnered 10% less than what Pere earned, was placed in a separate house with Pere, both of them forced into a new game where they are required to battle it out for the top 5 spot.

This angered many people, and they took their social media to protest the unfairness.

After making the du play a truck game, which Angel won, Big Brother had to return both to the house–a move many people have assumed was a way of appeasing Pere’s fans who had become so outraged and disillusioned that the lost their trust in the show.

Well, they are back.

Check out the moment they returned:

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