Friday, December 3, 2021

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Atiku comes under attack over Chelsea tweet

It’s a popular saying that Nigerians got no chills, and this was on full display as they laid into ex-Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, for publicly congratulating his son over the victory of Chelsea at the Champions League final.

A number of aggrieved tweeps wondered why a public figure like Atiku should be shying away from discussing issues of insecurity, herdsmen killing and the controversy surrounding Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Pantami.

In what was a benign tweet, Atiku had called out his son, Alhaji Mustapha Abu Bakr, who is a die-hard fan of Chelsea via his official Twitter handle on Saturday.

“Congratulations @HHMustaphaAA, enjoy—it’s blue tonight,” he said.

This seemingly harmless tweet soon degenerated into a hoopla as netizens took aim at the seasoned politician over what they perceive as his silence especially on the Pantami scandal.

A Twitter user, @gentlelink aimed the first shot.

“U can tweet abt football but silent abt the genocide in benue,” he wrote.

Another user, @Ofonmbukituh, lashed out at Atiku over his silence on religious issues.

You are so active on this app until when it’s Pantami discussion and religious-ethnic cleansing You are not good enough.”

Another netizen, @PreciousUwaezu5, wondered why our politicians misplace their priorities and take the people for a ride come election season.

“The proposed leaders enjoy to talk abt football than a way forward for the country ? 2023 you’ll now become a part of the country and promise us Israel abi”

Interestingly, @UcheUdo3, was not moved by all the expletives, rather, he was more interested in knowing whether Atiku watched the match with electricity, generator or solar power.

“Sir, how did you manage to watch the match, is it with solar or generator?” he queried sarcastically.

But it wasn’t all bashing for the former VP as a handful of Chelsea fans came to his rescue.

One of such is @ekpemanduchukwu who felt Nigerians are not directing their anger at the proper channels.

“Go and tell your president. What concerns Atiku and killings in Benue? Is he the Governor, president or coas? Let me finish my Chelsea victory celebrations before less important issues like NIGERIA biko. UP CHELSEA.”

Another Chelsea fan, @JosiahPeter20 has a rather more personal concern. He wrote:

Sir do me giveaway sir. Congratulations”

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