Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Angel Smith Schools Trolls Who Told Her to “Dress the Way You Want to be Addressed”

Angel Smith has never been one to shy away form speaking her mind, and she is currently schooling trolls on her Twitter who have a problem with what she chooses to wear.

The drama started after she warned folks of the legal consequence of sharing Tiwa Savage’s alleged sex tape and the wrongness in blaming victims whose sexual contents get leaked without their consent. “The problem will never be the fact that someone made a sex tape or that someone took a picture naked, the problem will always lie with the person that decided to leak it. Stop victim blaming,” she said.

She continued: “And leaking someone’s nudes is a criminal offense. I hope one of you becomes a scapegoat.”

Seeing the responses her comments stirred, she reminded folks that later, “we will talk about how slut-shaming culture impacts rape culture. Calling people especially women all types of sluts because of how they choose to dress or how they talk etc puts women in harm’s way but like I said we will have that conversation later.”

This quickly blew up and she took her time schooling folks who blame victims of rape and sexual assault for dressing a certain type of way. “You are a black man, you do not need to dress a certain way before you are profiled as a threat to a racist. Labels are harmful. Check your bias and unlearn. Have a great day ahead,” she said,

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