Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Actor Yemi Solade Says Twitter “Insulted Nigerian President”: Watch His Video

Yemi Solade is catching all the flak on social media after his interview with GoldMyne TV surfaced, in which he accused Twitter of “insulting” the President of Nigeria.

Recall that Buhari’s Presidency banned the use of Twitter in Nigeria after the platform deleted his tweet, which Nigerian reported as harmful; he had threatened Nigerian youths with violence, invoking the memory of the civil war.

Nigerians have defied his ban, with many tweeting via various virtual private networks and have been actively calling out the government for their human right infractions.

Meanwhile, Yemi Solade thinks President Buhari and the Presidency are within their rights by banning the platform because of a deleted tweet. And this has earned him a lot of scolding on the platform.

See the video and the reactions:


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