Saturday, November 27, 2021

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Actor, Sylvester Madu Reflects on the Value Time Places on Everything

Sylvester Madu is thinking deep about life and the true value of things which only time can tell.

The  Nollywood actor began reflecting on this after he came across his old blackberry passport phone in his wardrobe, untouched and useless for years now.

Sylvester Madu revealed he borrowed . money years ago to buy that phone so that he could belong but after a bit of time passed, the phone has become useless.

He then went on to point that many people involve themselves on all manner of activities to possess the latest items ..Some steal, fornicate and  even murder just to own material possessions such as Rolls Royce cars, etc.

However, time will reveal the true value of all of these things and at the end of the day, they really won’t be worth much.

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