Friday, December 3, 2021

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Actor Jonah Hill Calls Instagram ‘Biggest Killer,’ Talks About How Therapy Changed His Life

Jonah Hill sat down for a new interview for GQ Style cover story, where he talked about working with therapist Phil Stutz, his thoughts on Instagram, and more.

About his therapist, he said:

“[Stutz] invented a set of visualization techniques that greatly changed my life. Netflix let me make a doc on therapy and Phil’s teachings, and then it became about Phil’s life, and then it became about how insane it is that I am making a movie about my therapist, and now it’s become…I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s become very collapsed on itself. The person that I vent to while I’m making a film, I now can’t vent to, because the film is about him, and I can’t let him know it maybe isn’t going to work.

You know what the first thing Phil Stutz said to me was? First thing. He said, ‘You’re not a good artist because you’re fucked up. You’re a good artist in spite of being fucked up,’” Hill said. “It’s all a dumb mythology that you’re supposed to be miserable to be talented, and it’s so absurdist. It’s genuinely: I got healthier, my art got better, and I was happier. Straight up. I haven’t seen misery bring better art out of anybody. I just haven’t.”

Hill then reflected on his personal relationship with social media, specifically Instagram. While he is active on the platform, he says he must maintain a disciplined approach to using it.

He said:

“Instagram—as I smoke a cigarette—is the cigarettes of this time. It is the biggest killer. It is death. And I fully participate in it, like I smoke cigarettes. Again, it’s a spectrum of what you find healthy. I have to have really limited interaction with it.”



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