Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Actor Ezra Miller Calls Out Police Officer for Misgendering Them: “I’m not a ‘Sir’. I’m Transgender Nonbinary”

More details have surfaced following the arrest of Flash actor, Ezra Miller, who was arrested in Hawaii in March after they got involved in yet another public fight.

Per TMZ, after the police were called to arrest Miller (who uses they/them pronouns) for starting a fight in a Hawaii bar, the actor took an issue with an officer for misgendering them. From the bodycam footage shared by the outlet, Miller complains about the handcuff being too tight and painful, and they asked the police to be careful as any injury to their wrists could be catastrophic to their music career.

Then, things went uphill when one of the officers addresses Miller as “sir.”

Miller fires back: “I’m not a sir. I’m transgender nonbinary.”

The officer says he was only being respectful, to which Miller replies: “If you fail to do that again, it is an act of intentional bigotry and it is a technical hate crime according to U.S. Federal law.”

Check out the moment on TMZ video.

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