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Abba Kyari: ‘Buhari runs a criminal enterprise, not government’ – Reno Omokri

A former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri on Thursday says with the recent indictment of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari by the United States government, it was becoming clear that the President, Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd) runs a ‘criminal enterprise’, and not a government.

In a stunning development Thursday, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) indicted DCP Abba Kyari of collecting money from Ramon Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi after he was bribed to arrest one Kelly Chibuzo Vincent in Nigeria.

Reacting to the indictment by the US Department of Justice on his Instagram page on Friday, public commentator Omokri said that the famed ‘super cop’ deserves no pity.

“Hushpupi (Yoruba, West), Abba Kyari (Kanuri, North) and Kelly Chibuzor Vincent (Igbo, East).

“While there is nepotism in Buhari’s government, there is no nepotism in Kyari’s criminal gang.

“Perhaps our government should learn Federal Character from Kyari and The Gang!

“First it was Magu the Mugu, now it is Haba Kyari! Buhari’s runs a criminal enterprise, not a government.

“Now, perhaps Nigerians will believe Ayoade Akinnibosun, who claimed on March 16, 2019, that Abba Kyari tortured him and ordered him to falsely implicate the then Senate President, Bukola Saraki, in the Offa robbery case.

“Incidentally, the main suspect in the Offa robbery case later died in Abba Kyari’s custody. So, think about this before feeling sorry for Kyari. Kelly Chibuzor Vincent is very blessed that he did not also ‘die in custody’, he said.

Commenting further, Omokri, in another post stated teased that it could also be that “Kyari is a tailor that caters to the high and mighty in the world of crime”

“For your native wears and other fashion, super cop Abba Kyari is your man!

“Kyari is a tailor that caters to the high and mighty in the world of crime.

“Do you know a fraudster or a notorious yahoo boy? What are you waiting for? Give him Kyari’s number without further ado!

“Kyari the fashionista will even arrange delivery to your place of crime anywhere in the world,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Inspector-general of Police, Baba Usman, has ordered a probe into the indictment against DCP Kyari.

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