Unknown Persons Vandalise Grave of Zari Hassan’s Billionaire Ex-Husband, Ivan

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The grave of Zari Hassan’s billionaire ex-husband, Ivan Ssemwanga, has been vandalised by unknown persons months after he was buried with lots of money and bottles of expensive wine.

Recall that on the day of his burial in his ancestral home in Kayunga, the members of his Rich Gang Crew splashed wads of cash, ranging from Ugandan shillings to South African Rands and US dollars, into the tiled grave. Some others even poured in expensive wines, before the coffin was lowered.

Shortly after the burial, a Ugandan called Magugu Abey filed a lawsuit against the funeral home and the Bank of Uganda, demanding that the body should be exhumed and the currencies removed as it was a sign of disrespect to the Ugandan currencies and the other currencies. Abbey also wanted the court to allow him “to recover all the said monies on behalf of the Republic of Uganda and other respective countries.”

While the lawsuit is gathering dust in the court, some unknown persons vandalised the grave with the intent of recovering the monies, and were almost successful until guard dogs scared them away.

New Vision

New Vision says that the relatives of the deceased had hired security personnel to guard the grave but they defaulted on the monthly payments on the first month after paying the security men 600,000 Shillings instead of the 1m Shillings per month initially agreed.

Now, unknown persons have vandialised the grave, and no suspect had been arrested as at press time.

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