Wana Udobang Meets Chuka Ejorh on Culture Diaries Season 2 Webisode 12

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This week on the Culture Diaries Coach with Host Wana Udobang is one of Nigeria’s foremost film editors Chuka Ejorh

The interview kicks off with Chuka discussing the various misconceptions in the editing field.

“People don’t understand the power of editing. Maybe its because they haven’t explored the depths of editing,” He said

Editing is quite a process which when put together may not seem like much but when done in their individual bits can be quite intense.

In the interview Chuka takes us through his editing process which is quite methodological and he admits some might find it laborious.

Some people consider editing as the invisible art. When you edit perfectly you are not meant to be noticed because the viewer should be so immersed in the work that they don’t realise what has happened.”

Chuka who has worked with famed TV and Live Shows Director Gavin Wratten on projects such as Face of Africa, South African Idol, Miss South Africa, to mention just a few, discusses the importance of understanding all the complimentary effort that goes into producing a film helps you become a better editor.

It is the job of whoever in any craft to learn about other aspects…you might not have to hold the camera but you should learn how the camera works because expanding your knowledge helps to make whatever you are doing better,” He said.

Chuka is also the creator of Film Sunday, a monthly film screening of mostly independent films with enlightening and engaging topics. In the interview Chuka discusses how the gap in the offerings available in the Nigerian cinema led to the creation of the event which is now 2 years old.

You can watch the webisode below:

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