Reunited: Vivica Fox Makes Debut on 50 Cent’s Instagram After Messy Feud

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Vivica Fox has finally debuted on the Instagram page of rapper 50 Cent, and many people did not see this positive move coming.

In case you missed it: drama between the exes started in November 2015, after Vivica went on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen to insinuate that 50 is gay. As expected, the rap veteran clapped back, making derogatory memes of the actress, and being the queen of petty herself, Ms Fox served 50 severe rebuttals.

But that was just the beginning of their messy row.

Not long after, 50 Cent, who often accused his colleagues like P.Diddy and Rick Ross of being gay, went to the same Andy Cohen show, to address Vivica’s homosexual claims. According to 50, she made that allegation all because he allowed her to *lick* his ass.

“Oh no, because I let her lick my ass, she thinks I’m gay,” he said, and this led to a mild argument on bedroom fetishes and if this specific one should raise questions about one’s sexuality.

Not long after, Vivica took to her Instagram, challenging 50 to appear ton the show with her, that she would prove to his face that he is a closet homosexual.

But the actress pulled back weeks later. Reportedly, she met the rapper at a New York Kicks game and walked over to him. Speaking with Wendy Williams months later, she revealed that she still has feelings for the rapper.

“As much as we’ve been through I will always have love for him,” Vivica Fox told Wendy Williams. “I told him…we were not meant to be together, but I will always have love for you.”

Well, 50 Cent never publicly acknowledge all of this development, until today, when he posted a photo on his page, hinting on a new working relationship with her.

See this interesting post:

Behind the scenes, couple therapy tonight on 50Central. LOL #50centralbet

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We can’t wait to see what they are planning.

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