Preying from Paris: On Rochas Okorocha & Harvey Weinsteinesque Demons of Nollywood

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On Rochas Okorocha

The greatest threat to humanity is poverty. When you look at what the Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha is doing now, you will understand that poverty is a major key to why he reasons the way he does. He wants to grab it all. He understands his background and where he came from. He understands himself so well. He was never raised with a father figure in his life – he has never respected anyone. He does what he wants, when he wants. It’s a pity that he is using Imo State as an experiment. But, this is a deadly experiment. When it ends, he will regret it. And his children, who are not quiet, will be loud soon. From interviews of him that I read, he is bent on making himself relevant, no matter how he does it. I want to say that I have also seen interviews of the son of Colombia’s Escobar. The sins of our fathers will be visited on us. That is for sure. That is what happens every day, but some of us don’t know. The children of Rochas will pay for the sins of their father whose stomach is protruding everyday and he does not know why.

When Rochas Okorocha rammed into our hearts with his big prick, we were softened by his Rags to Riches story. With the ambivalent way he scrubbed his arse into our lives, we were sentimentally bought into his fairy tale. Rochas Okorocha is a chronic liar – I have met him before and sat right in his face, in his office, while his sons-in-law, who function as his bitches, watched. His official photographer, Greg, took pictures, but when his media group figured it was Onyeka Nwelue sitting right there with Charly Boy and Barrister Ben Nwosu, they mandated the photographer to never release the pictures. The photographer said he lost his camera. That was what he told me on the phone. I already knew the details. He was scared that I would go online and ridicule him. Rochas Okorocha is a smart man, but what happens when a man’s smartness leads him to his destruction?

We have been scammed by Rochas. Did you see how he dangled like a weak dick from PDP to APGA and then to APC? You must have such bitchiness about you, before you can stand on the survival instincts lane. He is a smart man, but then, erecting the statue of Jacob Zuma in Owerri? A statue is a monument. What is our business with Jacob Zuma, a bandit from South Africa? What happened to raising statues of Chief Sam Mbakwe everywhere in Imo State and making him the god that he is? There are other great icons of Nigeria who come from Imo State: Flora Nwapa. Flora Nwapa’s case is so unique that I have to mention her all the time.

Giant statue of Jacob Zuma in Owerri. Image: Twitter/Bo Mbindwane

If Rochas Okorocha were exposed or educated, he would understand the role Flora Nwapa played before and after the war. There is so much that we have ignored – and yes, Dr Wale Okediran wrote an autobiography of Rochas Okorocha recently. I felt like vomiting, but for sentiments and the love that I have for Dr Wale Okediran, I just chilled. I love Dr Okediran and I won’t drag him through this mud, but what was that for? Should we ever try to see the good in Rochas Okorocha when there is no good in him? I am a terrible person myself, so it irks me when I see someone so gracefully telling the world that he is good when he is a terrible demon!

The question is: when will Rochas Okorocha die for a rebirth? I pray for his death every night and day. I pray that he goes to bed and never wakes up!

That way, we can have a New Life!

On Harvey Weinstein’s Demons in Nollywood

On the third day of my shoot in Oguta, when I was filming my feature film, Island of Happiness,  a certain established Nollywood actress abused me via text. She called me all sorts of names. She was forcing her way to my film set. I had made the mistake of telling her about it, then later changed my mind about using her when I realized it was cheaper and better using locals for her role. She called my phone 18 times. She sent texts that I showed my producers. She sent her account details. She said I MUST send money, so she could start coming to Oguta. She hadn’t seen the script. She does not know the story. She was after the money and after being in the film. I ignored her completely and shot my film. She sent the last SMS: “You’re a liar. You can’t say your producers have a final say on your project. You take me for a liar!”

Oh well, she is a Nollywood veteran.

You know when the issue of Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein was raised, I shook my head. Of course, I have read of glaring confessions about Harvey and his brother, Bob (what an asshole of a Saint), who said he ‘divorced’ his brother five years ago and spoke of how Harvey is a terrible person – of course, now, Harvey is a beast – I shook my head. Harvey is hated, because we hate the powerful. Question is: who made him powerful? The same people who feared him? Or the banks? Who finances the studios? And the media? Those ones you can buy off with money.

Bring it home to Nollywood: in Nollywood, people make themselves powerful. There are so many Nollywood actors who ask for vaginas and assholes before you can be in their films. There are also the desperate girls and boys in Nollywood who offer their bodies for roles without you demanding for it.

Once, I was present when a big Nollywood director asked a young woman for sex, she said no and she never got the role. She walked away with pride. The people in Hollywood wouldn’t do it. Because of the desperation and greed in the West, they have no morals. They would go on and do it and then accuse you of abuse years later. It took an Italian actress just a minute to crack the code for Americans. Americans are not a cultured people. They are programmed. They flow with the tide. That’s what I found out interacting with them.

Another friend of mine – a young man travelled to Lagos from Ibadan on the invitation of a certain Nollywood director to join the cast of his film. He arrived with the hope that he was getting the role on merit, but was asked by the director to have sex with him. He said he would not. He recorded their conversation. He told me this when the director dropped him at the bus park and he took the bus back to Ibadan. He would not sell his body for anything, so he is managing the little industry in Ibadan and pushing. He hasn’t made it yet, but we are hopeful he will.

Unlike Hollywood where they claim they are abused, you have a choice in Nollywood to sell or not sell your body. And if no one gives you a role in their films or gives you money to make the film in Hollywood – as they are so dependent on people in Hollywood, (which was why Harvey Weinstein would go and shake a journalist who wrote a negative review of his film: “You won’t be invited to film festivals again,”) then you can do it on your own in Nollywood.

Hey, nobody was going to give me any opportunity to direct a film after leaving Prague Film School, so I stole and took loans and made my films and ‘empowered’ myself.

If you wait for people to give you life, you will watch them dig your grave for you and bury you!

Onyeka Nwelue

Onyeka Nwelue is the President of La Cave Musik, a record label based in Paris, specialising in music from Africa and the Caribbean. He’s an Assistant Visiting Professor of African Studies at the University of Manipur. His latest book, Hip-Hop is Only for Children won the Non-Creative Book of the Year at the 2015 Nigerian Writers’ Awards.

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