Pastor Funke Adejumo Dismisses Housewives as ‘Colossal Disgrace’; Nigerians React

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Daddy Freeze has launched a major attack on Pastor Funke Adejumo, the president of Funke Felix Adejumo Foundation, over a recent statement during a church service.

From the video shared on Instagram, the pastor is seen teaching women the importance of being financially independent.

“If you are married and all you do is have sex and give birth to children and cook good meals, I pity you because full-time housewife is full-time suffering,” said the pastor, adding, “So you better do something with your life, because if the totality of your financial life is dependent on your husband, you area colossal disgrace.”

She continued, saying, “No man wants a liability around him; every man wants an asset. You should be your husband’s think-tank.”

And that’s not all: the pastor went further to tell women who are unable to lend their husband money (say, N1 million) that they are “a failure”, and urged them to “do something with your life!”

While many people found the preacher’s words inspiring, folks like Daddy Freeze came out with guns blazing in their criticisms.

The Coolfm OAP dismissed the preacher’s words as a “poor, insensitive delivery” that “makes a mess of a great message.”

“A woman who can’t lend her husband N1 million is not a failure,” said Daddy Freeze, adding, “You didn’t marry a bank, did you… Marital success is not all about money.”

But many people have called out the OAP for simplistic reading on the pastor’s campaign. “She’s asking women to be independent and that’s a crime again? Or is English too difficult?” asked on Instagrammer, and another added, “The N1 million analogy is a metaphor, Freeze. Sit down!”

Whatever be the case, this interesting conversation on marriage comes at a time gender relations is sweeping across Nigerian social media. Only days ago, actor Tiwa Savage asserted that she does not believe in gender equality — a man is the head of the house, she said — while actor Seun Jimoh insisted that a career wife must cook and clean for her husband.

Now, Pastor Adejumo preaches about women she considers are failures, what’s next. It’s over to your readers: tell us what you think!

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