Disgraced Producer Harvey Weinstein Banned for Life From Producer’s Guild

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It is not yet over for Harvey Weinstein; the disgraced Hollywood producer has just been given a lifetime ban from the Producers Guild.

As reported by Variety, the former Weinstein Company head, who has been accused of sexual assault/rape by over 50 women, has been given a lifetime ban from the Producers Guild Of America—the famous trade organization that honoured Harvey Weinstein with a Milestone Award in 2013.

In the statement released yesterday, the association explained that it unanimously voted to begin the necessary procedure to terminate Weinstein’s membership from the group, but it has to give members 15 days “before disciplinary action is taken.”

However, immediately the disgraced producer received the notification that the guild was set to remove him, he, as expected, resigned his membership. Hence saving the association the stress of waiting 15 days before wielding their hammer.

The lifetime ban is effective immediately.

This interesting update comes two weeks after Weinstein was expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences by its board. The expulsion followed Cara Delevingne coming forward with tge story of how she endured assault at the hands of the movie mogul. Days after this, Lupita Nyong’o shared an essay published in the New York Times, detailing her own harrowing experience with Harvey Weinstein, who she says sexually harassed her on numerous occasions.

Nyong’o, who became the first black woman to speak out against the disgraced movie producer, described the psychological torture she endured during each interaction with Weinstein, noting that the first incident was at a 2011 awards ceremony in Berlin, when she was a student at the Yale School of Drama.

Another Hollywood figurehead who is getting the slammer now is Kevin Spacey, who was called out by actor Anthony Rapp for sexually assaulting him when he was only 14. Reacting to the scandal, the International Emmy Awards pulled the Founders Award it had planned to give Spacey, and also Netflix announced that it is pulling the plug on ‘House of Cards’.

The industry is facing drastic upheavals. Now, folks are wondering who will be exposed next?

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