Lagos Fashion Week Organisers Raise Standard for Participation

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Lagos Fashion Week is coming and it’s starting to gather momentum already with the producers of the show raising its participation standards higher than we’ve known.

While this may appear all shades of awesome because it seems like a plan that will allow for proper edit and putting together of a great show for creatives who truly deserve a spot at Fashion’s holy season, we all know politicking can’t be ruled out.

Thus, while designers, established or Fashion Focus Alumnus, were asked to re-apply to be a part of the show, word making the rounds has it that some designers already got their invitation to the show over a month ago, long before this list of improved standards.

This thing called fashion!!!

While we can’t deny that there are certain well-established fashion houses who easily meet and surpass the standard, the fashion organisers could do better than handing over invites long before criteria are set. If word making the rounds is true of course.

We hope this works out well though and we hope their selected designers show the rest of the world that fashion in Nigeria transcends bubble sleeves on a cold shoulder.

Oluwatosin Ogundadegbe

A Philosophy Graduate with an Irredeemable Obsession with Carrie Bradshaw

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