‘I Don’t Want People to Vote for Me Based on My Story’- Kechi of America’s Got Talent

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Kechi Okwuchi of America’s Got Talent is super grateful to her fans for how much they have supported her all through her journey at the 12th season of the talent show, however, she wishes she would win based on her talent.

According to LIB, the plane crash survivor had a talk session with fans, and she answered their questions, while sharing more about herself, her aspirations and what she thinks of her journey at the AGT so far.

“It would be amazing to make it to top 10 but honestly if I make it that far, I think that is probably where I might stop just because I feel there are some people there who are good. There are a lot of singers and a lot of us know how to sing. I am so grateful to get this far but I feel like if I win it might be a little unfair because I don’t want people to vote for me based on my story and how much they like me and feel they are inspired by me,” she is reported to have said.

She continued, “The main part of the show is the talent part and there are such amazing people that have amazing talents and I feel some of them may be more deserving. So, then again you never know, God’s plans are not our plans and he can see further than we can so I don’t want to go and say something that might counter what he has planned. Lets just say what will happen will happen. Let it just be what God wants.”

Last night, the Nigerian star who is currently based in Texas, made judge Mel B cry during her heart-wrenching rendition of “Don’t Worry About Me” by Frances, which she dedicated to her mother.

Speaking in a pre-recorded video, she said her mother had worried and feared for her since the Sosoliso plane crash that claimed the lives of about 60 students.

Now, Kechi Okwuchi says her mother need not worry anymore. “My mom spent the last 10 years worrying about me,” she said in the clip. “She felt fear for me. She cried her tears for me. I want her to hear this song and know that she doesn’t have to worry about me anymore, that she’s done a great job and that I am okay.”

Watch her performance of yesterday:

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