‘The World has Ended’ – Users Flip over Unexplained Facebook Outage

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It’s been a somewhat hectic morning for thousands across the United Kingdom, Europe and America as popular social networking site, Facebook is suffering outage issues.

There has been pandemonium online as Facebook users could no longer do routine tasks such as access their news feed, post pictures or watch video.

While the company has yet to acknowledge the problem, its users are reporting glitches on both mobile and desktop versions of the app, Mirror writes.

And their complaints have been corroborated by the website DownDetector – which monitors for outages – reporting high levels of inactivity from Facebook, particularly for users in the UK, Northern Europe and across the Atlantic in America.

It’s a measure of how much of an impact social media has on modern life as thousands have flooded Twitter with their grievances under the hashtag #Facebookdown.

Outages such as this, though rare, aren’t totally unexpected as over two billion people use Facebook every day – it’s definitely no mean feat keeping them online without fail.

It’s not yet clear the cause of this particular glitch but for the time being, Africa’s 500 million users of the site appear to be in the clear as no issues have been reported.

Also, there are no reports of such problems on Instagram and WhatsApp – also owned by Facebook.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as the site releases a statement on the issue…

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