Queen of Rap? Outrage as Young Thug Dresses Up as a Woman in Controversial Photo

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Young Thug never fails to give his homophobic fans heart attack, but he seems to have done their heads in this time.

Moments ago, the latest photo from the rapper’s shoot surfaced, triggering a major outrage from folks who have a problem with his fashion style.

The rapper who has a love for high fashion posed for the new photo in a flowing perspex dress over white shirt and pants, with his dreadlocks draped to the back, and his arms outstretched like an ice queen.


Young Thug is everything many contemporary rappers aren’t, and while many people praised the bravery, others often call his sexuality into question, even though he is engaged to marry to his heartthrob Jerrika Karlae.

This is not the first time folks have had unkind things to say about Young Thug’s style. The Stoner rapper has gotten into messy fights with contemporaries like The Game and Rich Homie Quan who all questioned his sexuality. In his 2015 interview with Complex, Thugger Thugger, as he is also called, addressed his gender-bending style, adding that 90% of his clothes are women’s.

And though Young Thug says this often, and dresses as he wants, folks quiver in righteous indignation whenever he dares a photoshoot like the one above. They return to questioning his sexuality.

Like they doing now, what with the caption from the African American blog above, which describes the male rapper as the “Queen of Rap“.

I don’t get these new niggas they wanna be so different the will be homo to do it or maybe the homo thug is suppose to be cool now ( NOT ) anyway these mfs suck figertively and literally smh damn son,” says one upset Instagrammer @paydaymills22

But the rapper still have loyal fans, like this man:

What do you think?

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    1. torie

      October 19, 2017 at 10:31 pm

      co0mke on now thug this got to stop

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