‘You are Worse Than Zuma!’- Singer Ntsiki Drags Julius Malema in Fierce Twitter Feud

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Julius Malema and singer Ntsiki Mazwai are fighting on Twitter.

Trouble started yesterday when the singer threatened to walk away from the political party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), which Malema leads, if the party is individualised and made only about its leader, Malema.


And Malema was offended by that comment because he branded her a ‘failed poet’, adding that the singer was obsessed with him.

Known for never cowering in the face of an adversary, Ntsiki challenged Julius, revealed the private message he had sent her which showed that the party leader was a fan of her work. And then she asked if he was mad because she dismissed the idea of making the movement just about him.

Being a man who had often bragged about his toughness, Julius claimed he sent message to everyone who performed at the event.

Malema also accused Ntsiki Matzwai of being a “pretentious mole”.

Well, that was all that was needed to trigger more responses from Ntsiki, because she told everyone following the fight that Malema “is worse than Zuma”.

The heated exchange has triggered massive conversation on South African Twitter, and it is still trending.

Many of Malema’s fans have attacked the singer and poet, but she remains unshaken, noting that Malema’s fans represent who he is, which is not a good thing.

She affirms that she will continue to speak against a man who she says bullies women. See her final note:

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