‘I Need to Start Hiring Nigerians. Kenyans are Lazy!’- Huddah Goes off in New Rant

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Huddah Monroe never shies away from speaking her mind no matter whose ox is gored, and now the Kenyan socialite is back on her Instagram blasting her compatriots.

In a series of posts shared on her Instagram Story, the former BBA star praised the Nigerian work ethic, while dismissing her fellow Kenyans as lazy.

“I hate slow people and lazy people. I want things done when I want them to be done. Don’t tell me tomorrow or an hour later. I am so mad,” said the petite socialite.

And she continued in the long rant, “I need to start hiring Nigerians only for my company. That’s the only way I’ll go to the next level! Kenyans are derailers. Never pay a Kenyan before they finish work. Uselessness galore.”

The sudden praise for Nigerians come as a surprise to many people because only a week ago, the BBA star unleashed a tense campaign against Nigerian men. She called them violent and polygamous and said she would rather be single than be condemned in a marriage with Nigerian men.

“Everyone has their one preferences and for me, I don’t ever want to get married. And if I do, may God forbid not to a Naija man,” she said, adding, “These domestic violence stories and their polygamous ways is a NO to me.”

Now, same Huddah is back with kind words for Nigerians, and this has stirred reactions among her followers.

“The other day she was abusing Nigeria and saying she’ll never marry a Nigerian man. But they are suddenly good enough for her employment,” one Nigerian fan said.

Another added, “She likes everything about Nigeria/Nigerians except marrying their men.”

And the reactions are rolling in their hundreds. See Huddah’s posts:

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