Watch! CCTV Footage Captures Dramatic Robbery at a Zenith Bank in Owerri

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A CCTV footage showing an armed robbery attack at a Zenith Bank branch in Owerri has gone viral on social media.

The footage captured the robbers driving into the bank in a black Toyota Saloon car. The car then stopped just after the gate of the bank, which was open for them by a security guard. Immediately four men armed with what looked like an A.K 47 assault rifles alighted from the car and started shooting.

The unarmed security guard who opened the gate fled as soon as he saw the men with guns. But another security man dressed in plain clothes, probably a policeman returned fire towards the car which the robbers arrived the bank in, shattering the car’s passenger window.

One of the robbers approached the security hut by the gate where a security official was shooting from. Immediately he peeped into the hut, a bullet hit him in the head. As he dropped, blood could be seen gushing from the back of his head.

One of the robbers was seen retreating into the waiting car as a policeman returned fire from his hiding place.

He walked outside the gate with a bag and was picked up by his colleagues and they drove away.

According to reports, the robbers had trailed a customer (who was also killed) with some cash to the bank (it is suspected that he owned the bag which the fourth robber carried out of the gate).

The police stated that three policemen sustained gunshot injuries while an AK47 and three magazines were recovered from the dead robber.


Reports say the leader of the gang and another member of the gang were arrested at the funeral of the father of the leader of the gang two days later in Aba, Abia State.

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