‘People Have Learned not to Try Me’- Dencia Mocks the Media, Set to go to Harvard

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It has been a while since Dencia got embroiled in a media drama and the singer is bragging about putting the media in its place.

In a new exchange with a fan who wondered why the singer hardly makes the headlines, Dencia said it is because the media has learned never to mess with her.

Recall that the peak of Dencia’s media drama was in early 2016, when actress Lisa Raye McCoy slandered the singer and her product in an ambitious move. McCoy, while promoting her movie, went on the radio station to slam Dencia’s beauty cream, claiming it causes skin cancer and dark knuckles/elbows. But when the Nigerian-Cameroonian entertainer threatened her with a lawsuit and demanded a retraction, McCoy backtracked.

But Dencia didn’t let the actress get away with it; she slammed the actress with a lawsuit, the radio station involved in the whole drama issued an apology, and McCoy plead for an out-of-court resolution. It is unclear if Dencia finally forgave the actress, but after that saga, many people know not to slander the rich singer ever again.

Now, the Beri Beri crooner is bragging about putting the media in its place, adding that she is set to go to Harvard to achieve yet another feat.

See her tweets:

Envious yet?

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