Nigerian Man, 47, Nabbed With $1.4m Cocaine in India

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Luck ran out on a Nigerian man, Eneh Wilfried Amobi, as he was arrested in India for allegedly possessing cocaine worth $1.4m.

Mr Amobi was nabbed by a team from the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) at a suburban railway station in Mumbai following a tip-off by a ticket checker.

Posing as a tourist, he reportedly concealed about 1.3kg of the contraband in courier packets in his bag during the bust.

“Wilfried said he was as a tourist and as he wanted $200 to return home, he offered to smuggle the drug,” Kumar Sanjay Jha, NCB zonal director, Mumbai and Goa region told The Hindustan Times.

“As foreign nationals are asked to show passports even for domestic flights, couriers prefer trains,” said Jha.

“We suspect that at least four people were involved. The packets changed hands at various railway stations to dodge authorities,” said Jha, explaining that Amobi was one of many couriers smuggling drugs into the city for a cartel.

Amobi met his waterloo when he got down from the Delhi-Mumbai and was accosted by a ticket checker who demanded for his ticket in a ploy to buy time after which he was caught.

According to the NBC, cocaine is a costly, higher class party drug due to its use for enhancing sexual performance, and is mainly peddled by foreigners, majority of whom are Nigerians.

According to the sources from the anti-narcotic cell of Navi Mumbai police, the police have arrested 14 foreign nationals for smuggling drugs into the city since 2012 and 13 of them were from Nigeria, while one was from Ghana.

“When it comes to drug smuggling by foreign nationals, by and large, all the criminals are from Africa in general and from Nigeria in particular,” Tushar Doshi, deputy commissioner of police (special branch) said.

Last week, the police arrested one Nigerian from Kopar Khairane who had come to sell mephedrone rock and powder, several days after another Nigerian, a hemp dealer, was nabbed.


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