Davido Faces Backlash After Failing to Pay Namesake’s School Fees as Promised

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Davido is catching a lot of flak on social media following reports that he failed to keep his promise to a fan.

From the tweets, the fan who bears same the name as the singer – David Adeleke – reached out to everyone, asking for help with his fees for a media workshop at Yale. Like Nicki Minaj did last week, Davido had willingly accepted to pay up the fees and asked the fan to DM his details.

Well, the ‘IF” singer seemingly failed to keep his promise and the student had to continue with his crowdfunding efforts. Last night, the young man tweeted that he has met the target. In the same tweet the obviously excited David Adeleke thanked folks who responded to his call for help.

However, folks are dragging Davido all over social media for bailing on the student.

Did Davido simply forget to fulfill the promise, especially because he is currently abroad? The singer has always helped folks on social media who reached out to him, and this will be the first time he would be called out for failing to keep his word.

We hope he clears the air on this matter soon.

What do you think?

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