AY Makun, Basketmouth & More: Comedians Who Make Fun of Sexual Violence

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It is not enough that we have to listen to music that exalts rape/sexual molestation, Nigerians now continually have to deal with comedians like AY Makun, who think it is cool to make fun of sexual violence.

And so, from AY Makun to Basketmouth, meet the Nigerian ‘funny’ folks who enjoy making rapey jokes.

1. AY Makun

Last night, at his annual AY Live comedy concert held in Lagos, AY Makun regurgitated same tired lines mouthed by folks who are intent on dismissing the sexual harassment incident at the just-concluded #BBNaija show.

In case you missed it, Kemen was kicked out of the reality show for groping TBoss while she was asleep. That incident has been the subject of many conversations, and over the weekend, TBoss’ sister Wendy Idowu called out the organisers of the show for celebrating Kemen.

At his concert last night, AY Makun asked Nigerians to wave away Kemen’s sexual predation. “Please encourage this young man, that’s all I said. He no kill person! Make he come die? Even God sef forgive all of us,” he said.

And then he proceeded to make jest of the victim TBoss, sparking heated reactions on social media.

2. Helen Paul

Warri Again….

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At the Warri Again concert organised as a prelude to AY Makun’s Lagos show, comedian Helen Paul caused heated debate after she reduced the molestation TBoss endured at the hands of Kemen to simply ‘small touch’.

The comments earned the female comedian massive backlash from folks, including actress Rita Dominic, who spoke out against that culture of normalising sexual abuse against women.

3. Baba de Baba

Image: Instagram (Baba de Baba)

In January, upcoming comedian Baba de Baba got roasted after he posted a skit encouraging female rape. From the short video, the ‘funny man’ insisted that it is okay to forcefully penetrate a female if she willingly paid the abuser a visit.

“It is not rape,” he said. “It is fornication. If you cannot sleep with a man, don’t go to his house.”

Following the outrage triggered by the insensitive skit, Baba de Baba posted an ‘apology’ but insisted that he was passing an ‘important message’.

4. Basketmouth


Image: Pulseng

In 2014, Basketmouth came under fire after he posted a ‘joke’ about dating an African girl. In the now-deleted Facebook post, the comedian implied that it was okay to rape an African girl because she plays hard-to-get after so many dates.

Image: Ynaija

The post triggered a major conversation and seeing the reactions, Basketmouth posted a sour ‘apology’ that earned him more clapbacks.

So, for how long before Nigerian comic acts realise there is nothing funny about reducing sexual predation to jokes, further victimising victims and enabling sexual violence?

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