Malia Obama Pictured With Hot Dude: All the Times the Teenager Broke the Internet

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Everyone is talking about Malia Obama again, but this time, the daughter of the former president of the United States didn’t get embroiled in controversial drama.

Yesterday, paps spotted the 18-year-old in New York City with a super hot dude, both of them walking down the street, and trust everyone to start talking about the teenager.

At first, media houses, including TMZ speculated that Malia was in a relationship with the handsome man, but shortly after, details of the mystery man surfaced. He is identified as Rob Franklin, a Stanford graduate Malia met at a Men’s Fashion Week event in New York City.

As though to avoid yet another media drama, sources close to the duo clarified that they are strictly ‘platonic’; he is just a friend.

While the 18-year-old, who is set to join Harvard this year, has dodged the media bullet in recent times, see all the times her conduct got everyone talking.

  1. The Lollapalooza Music Festival Drama

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Last July, Malia was spotted dancing and having fun with her friends during a performance by Norwegian DJ Cashmere Cat at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. This was happening same time her parents were giving epic speeches at the Democratic National Congress.

As expected, Americans who expected the first daughters to be saintly at all times, took to social media to rant, with many criticising how she lifted her dress to show off her pert bum.

2. The Weed Controversy

Just a month after the music festival ended, a video from the event surfaced in August, showing Malia holding and possibly smoking what appears to be marijuana.

Though, Marijuana was decriminalized in Chicago where the festival held, meaning she did nothing wrong, the video triggered massive conversation, with many people criticising the teenager. Some also made harsh reference to her father, who as a younger man, was once pictured smoking weed.

3. The Bong Drama

Barely a month after the weed controversy, Malia Obama was caught in yet another compromising position during her stay in Philadelphia.

From the photos that surfaced, the teenager was spotted in a room with friends who have a large bong in the room– the filtration device used mainly for smoking cannabis/marijuana.

As usual, the leaked photo sparked an outrage, but this time, many people worried about the kind of company she keeps, and they started a campaign to get her some black friends which they are sure would protect the teenager’s image.

4. The Beer Incident

Malia obama

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Barely a week after the bong incident, Malia went partying again with friends. This time, the leaked photo uploaded on SnapChat shows she was surrounded with beer cans and plastic cups.

The latest photo didn’t earn her much criticism, instead many people intensified their call for her to stay away from the crop of friends who obviously do not mean her well.

It has been months since the daughter of the former president made the headlines for the wrong reasons. In weeks, she will be going to school and we can’t wait to read all about her successes.

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