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‘Fuck You, Motherfuckers, You Need God, not Church!’ – Singer Dencia Slams Africans for Being so Religious

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Dencia is dragging religious Africans on her Twitter, but folks aren’t letting her get away with it.

This comes moments after the new video of embattled cleric Apostle Suleman condemning church members who have become doubtful of him since the news of his alleged sex scandal broke. According to the Omega Fire Ministries preacher, those doubting Thomases are demons and must ‘depart’ from the church.

To Apostle Suleman, he must be accorded unquestionable loyalty.

Apostle Suleman calls members of his church who believe the sex scandal "demons"

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Now, Dencia is slamming ‘Africans’ for being loyal to religion. The bleaching expert, who always brags about her wealth, thinks she was raised better, hence she can never give total loyalty to religion. In her view organised religion is a stumbling block to progress on the continent.

Organized Religion is holding Africa back,greedy lying pastors are holding Africa back Not Europeans.Take away churches & u’ll see progress,” she said in one tweet, and in another tweet she added, “Pastors with 4 jets & members don’t even have a zinc over their mud house. Fuck u Motherfuckers who think that’s ok. Y’all need GOD NOT Church.”

Well, many people refuse to agree with her and they are sharing their personal opinions in response to her tweets.

Check out the responses:

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