Cover Alert: Genevieve Magazine Releases New Issue With Betty Irabor

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Right after raising the standard of what a typical cover should exhume with their breathtaking, jaw dropping issue with Eku Edewor, Genevieve Magazine has released its most recent publication with a cover that rather than being wired to delight our visuals, suffered prominent fashion strains that broke the strings of its Sartorial Mark.

Celebrating its Publishing Editor and her milestone achievements for its April Issue, Betty Irabor was donned in a custom Toju Foyeh 50’s inspired classic that should have done well without the 3D floral details. A cover that looked too desperate to keep up that I think everything about it should have been kept minimally clean, giving us that timelessness that is very a-la-Grace Kelly in black and white rather than the goldilocks and her 50’s couture vibe.


Eku Edewor on Their Previous Issue


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