#AppReview: App, Offering Premium Dry-Cleaning Services to Lagosians With a Touch of Class

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Size: 20MB

Owners: Chinook Capital Limited

Date: March, 2017 (Updated)

Downloads: 100-500 is a Lagos-based start-up that aims at providing personalised, premium dry-cleaning services to its users primarily through its mobile application. The model adopted by the firm restates the increasingly significant role mobile technology plays in businesses. From transport to hospitality, fashion, airtime recharge, banking, news and now laundry, entrepreneurs have indicated an understanding of the need to provide traditional services using the new-age technology.

The App is an intricate blend of simplicity and complexity. The home page provides a bouquet of laundry segments from which the consumers can easily navigate the options and place their orders. Each bears a list of wears from which users intend to dry-clean. These segments include beddings, babies, men, women, household, accessories and alterations. app offers an easy and fluid experience when selecting items for pick-up; when you slide your option away from the centre, you increase the number of items in your cart and when you slide it back towards the centre, you reduce the number of items. No manual imputation of digits and no stressful description is required.

Then, you can proceed to checkout at the bottom side which also shows you the precise time when the Safi driver will come to pick-up your laundry. It also allows you confirm the point of pick-up and offers you the option of tracking your laundry afterwards.

Perhaps, the most significant feature of the App is the observed effort to attain clarity and ease of use. Each listed item is accompanied by a clear picture that helps the user understand subtle differences. This is most appreciated when you visit the accessories segment where clear differentiations need to be made between disparate items with similar uses; caps versus hats, mufflers versus shawls and sneakers versus Suede.

However, the proprietors of the app need to consider including an internal browser into the app to avoid directing users away from the app and to other browsers on their devices whenever they want to obtain details about Terms and conditions or the frequently asked questions (which are resident on the website). And, while it is important that the smooth user-experience and quality of the vivid pictorial representations be maintained, it is also important that the app size is reduced so that it doesn’t seem like an expensive app to download or retain.

In the final analysis, the Safi App typifies what results when business owners and developers give priority to carefulness, attention to detail and the need to make customers feel good. It is unique, smooth and innovative, and is indeed a new standard for app development in Nigeria. Entrepreneurs need to take a leaf from this if they aspire to survive in the market of the near future. Indeed, with this app, Safi may jolly well actualize its aim of being the “Uber of Drycleaning”.


David Afolayan

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  1. Tutu

    June 30, 2017 at 8:15 am

    I just love this app as it allows me to provides a highly personalised, convenient, premium dry-cleaning and laundry service to my door. Their services come with FREE COLLECTION, FREE DELIVERY, LIVE TRACKING and PREMIUM SERVICE.

  2. gta

    August 5, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    We had been using this way to hack gta here.

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