#Appreview: The Cozi Family Organiser is Perfect for Family Keeping

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Proprietors: Cozi Inc.

Updated: February, 2017

Size: 22.68MB

Downloads: 1Million +

The task of managing one’s day-to-day affairs can be so messy that none can boast of attaining mastery. Directing the affairs of other people’s lives is perhaps the worst of all human endeavours, especially when it involves members of your family. Often, compassion and familiarity stand in the way of getting things done, especially when you have not planned how things will work out.

Perhaps you are on the verge of losing your cool and considering employing an app to ease your stress. The Cozi Family organiser is probably what you need.

Screenshot of Cozi app. David Afolayan

At inception, the app will require you to register with your email address and a unique password which you can share with your family members. It allows you import your Google calendar and can automatically schedule reminders for your coming events.

The Spring Sparkle list feature of the app provides weekly tips on daily little matters such as laundry, food, time management etc. And, you can add those you consider useful to your action points.

Screenshot of Cozi app. Credit: David Afolayan

Other useful features of the app include upcoming events (which reminds you of key family events such as birthdays, anniversaries, vacation etc.), Grocery list (which allows you create a shopping list on the go, as they come to mind), To do list (the name speaks of its use).

Other bonus features include Journal (to keep a diary), Contacts (it allows you import contacts from your phone and retrieve them even when you lose your gadget), Social media interaction (where you can share your experiences with a community of users).

Recipes is another fascinating feature of this app. There, you can peruse a list of over 1000 food recipes, segmented into different categories (such as easy dinners, health braising, foods & wines etc.) With it, you can learn new terms from a long list of new food names from different parts of the globe. It also contains a detailed description of how these delicacies are prepared and the ingredients required for the preparation. You can also add a favourite recipe to the family box for easy access.

The Cozi planning app also has room for family bonding. You will have the privilege of using your family photograph as the profile picture (so everyone can be carried along). Also, you can add your family member users as part of your family profile. Hence, you can share data, tips and reminders as well as share purchased features.

Perhaps, the most obvious inadequacy of the app is the absence of African recipes on the recipes list. Although, there is an option for contributing a recipe, it is obvious the app does not have willing contributors from Africa or does not have African users yet.

Also, the size of the app is going to scare most potential users in this age where memory size and data usage are key deciding factors for which app stays and which doesn’t. Mind you, not all the functions are free. If you desire to use some key functions such as contacts, birthdays and change theme, you will need to subscribe for Gold with N3,900.

In all, technology has proven over time that it is not a substitute for human effort; it has always been a dependable enabler. The Cozi family organiser is another example of this amazing capability.

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