All For Likes? Russian Teenagers Set Themselves on Fire For Social Media Validation

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In this age of tweet, likes and shares, a group of teenagers have taken it to the extreme by lighting themselves up and then jumping off a 20-feet high bridge into a river.

The daredevil group of Russian teens made the hair-raising videos in a bid to get more likes on social media.

One of the videos showed a teen on top a bridge getting doused in a flammable liquid before his friends lit it up, engulfing him in flames.

The young man then jumped from the bridge and into the water below.

A second video shot from the ground, showed two burning individuals jumping from the same bridge, almost in tandem, much to the delight of their onlooking friends.

The two boys can later be seen swimming in the water seemingly unharmed after they leapt.

“We did it for the likes on social media. We took the idea from a blogger. We made a bet with our friends and jumped off the bridge. We wanted to get a lot of views,” one of the boys said.

Police have arrested one of the teenagers while checking for the circumstances surrounding the dangerous stunt.

The incident happened in the south-western Russian city of Penza.

This just goes to show the extent that people will go for social media validation in this age.

You can watch the hair-raising video here.

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