In more Kardashian news, Khloe shows off her new-and-improved buns in new photos

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In July, when Khloe Kardashian’s feature in Complex magazine was released, the reality TV star shared her own astonishment at the finished product. “I can’t believe I did this shoot!,” she wrote on her social media pages, alluding to its overt raunchiness. She also spent some time arguing with folks who accused her of photoshopping her butt.

Photo: Complex

Photo: Complex

Well, it looks like Khloe has grown a thicker skin since then, and is fully embracing her ‘sexy’. Yesterday, the 31-year-old star posted photos on her app and website showing her in different work-out poses, dressed in a high cut leotard that showed off her behind.

‘Get acquainted with my St. Barths Booty,” she captioned the snaps.


Photo: KHLOE


Photo: KHLOE


Photo: KHLOE

Khloe is all grown up!

Source: KHLOE

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