You Be The Judge: Vanity Fair, Bazzar and Vogue, which is your Taylor Swift cover?

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In the business of fashion, the metaphor “never judge a book by its cover” is of no relevance, as the cover has the power to make or break an entire magazine issue.

When Vanity Fair dropped their September Style issue with pop star Taylor Swift on their cover (not her first Vanity Fair Cover) a couple of days ago, it only shared one thing in common with some of fashions greatest magazine covers that she had graced: it was photographed by the highly profiled Mario Testino whose career breakout moment was when he was chosen by Princess Diana to photograph her for Vanity Fair. Since then he’s been a part of the Royal Family.

While the Vogue cover was published in February 2012, the Harpers Bazzar cover headlined in November 2014. The most recent which happens to be my favorite is the Vanity Fair cover that says nothing short of beautiful, with the entire styling and art direction being super spot-on and obviously more engaging than the previous.
So people, which of Mario Testino x Taylor Swift’s cover are we drooling on? You be the Judge!

Vanity Fair September 2015

photo 2-13

Harpers Bazzar November 2014

photo 1-14

Vogue February 2012

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